Why a Turf Seeder Is Crucial to the Overall Health of Your Facility’s Turf

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Agriculture

If you’re responsible for the turf at a commercial facility, you know it’s not enough for the turf in your charge to survive. Instead, the turf you oversee needs to thrive. While there are many components that go into maintaining beautiful, healthy turf, utilizing the correct equipment is one of the most important. A turf seeder is one piece of equipment to the turf care puzzle that is crucial to the overall health of your facility’s turf. Here are a few ways that this device can help you on the job.

Increases Coverage

A turf seeder, in most cases, is used for overseeding. This practice involves planting grass seed over existing turf. If your turf is already healthy but the coverage is fairly thin, overseeding can help overcome this issue. Additional grass will grow in the turf, leading to a lusher and fuller appearance that is also easier to maintain. In this scenario, a particular area of turf doesn’t have to be unhealthy to require overseeding. Instead, overseeding simply increases the fullness and improves the look of the turf overall.

Reduces Maintenance

Overseeding with a turf seeder allows you to mix different varieties of grasses in the same plot of turf. Since different grasses are designed to withstand various elements more efficiently, this will lead to a lower-maintenance turf over time. For example, some of the grasses in your turf may be exceptionally heat-resistant, while others may be sensitive to too much heat. Combined, these different types of grasses allow you to have a lush, green turf at all times, no matter what the thermometer says.

Speeds the Process

Ultimately, the process of seeding can be very time-consuming. Trying to seed a large field or golf course by hand would be nearly impossible due to time constraints. What’s more, it can be quite difficult to maintain even distribution of the grass seed when you try to do it manually, no matter how big or small your plot of turf is. However, with a seeder, you can easily overseed large plots of land quickly and evenly, resulting in a beautiful turf that will make you proud.


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