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How Agriculture Affects Everyday Life in Every Country Around the World

Agriculture has a direct impact on the lives of everyday people. It is the force behind the production of essential food crops. Agriculture is what gives life to the economy. It could be something simple like dairy cows for sale or the distribution of food to grocery stores to be sold to the public.

In addition to creating food and raw materials, agriculture is a major source of employment. It employs a large percentage of the population. It is surprising to many to learn that in the United States, approximately 70 percent of people rely directly or indirectly on agriculture. This could include people who are responsible for dairy cows for sale or people who work at restaurants selling food that was produced on a farm.

In addition to the impact that agriculture has on an individual level, there is the national level to consider. In many countries, agriculture is the primary source for their GDP. Of course, the percentage of the GDP that is represented by agriculture is higher in developing countries than it is in developed countries. Many developed countries rely on manufacturing and technology as the mainstay of their GDP. However, agriculture is typically in the top five.

In addition to providing food for humans, agriculture provides food and fodder for domestic animals. Agriculture plays a vital role in international trade for many countries. When there is a drought or other disaster that impacts agriculture, a country’s GDP suffers, people lose employment, and the overall health and well-being of citizens diminishes. This underscores the important role that agriculture plays.