Bull Calves for Sale and Lease

To breed and raise beef for a profit requires hard work and dedication. So much of farming is outside of your control, such as weather and prices, that it makes sense to control what you can. One area that you can control is the genetics of your cattle. Finding the right bull calves for sale or lease is a great way to diversify your bloodlines.

The Importance of Diversity in Bloodlines

Bringing in outside bloodlines is important to breed the strongest, healthiest cattle possible. Also, the cattle bred for beef production will gain weight quicker and have more meat for their size. Bringing in an outside bull for your breeding program is an efficient way to improve your bloodline. One bull can breed many cows and the resulting offspring will all benefit from the cross.

When you look at bull calves for sale you should look for those purposefully bred to be herd sires. A bloodline that emphasizes health, growth, and that has superior genetics will boost your entire herd. Of course, if you are a smaller breeder who keeps some of the heifers from each year’s crop, using the same bull year after year is not an option.

Bull leasing is a way to add fresh bloodlines into your herd regularly. Leasing a bull bred for breeding gives you the ability to raise the level of your entire herd. Over time you will see the improved genetics in the quality of beef produced and the health of your herd. If you are interested in adding a bull to your farm, either by purchasing or leasing, get in touch with Jorgensen Land & Cattle. They have been farming for over 100 years and can help you find the perfect sire for your herd.