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Your Free Smartphone and Plan in Kentucky Could be Only a Call Away

You gaze with longing at smartphones every time you are in the store. The advertisements on television always draw you in. You imagine how wonderful it would be to have the power and flexibility of such a device in your pocket. You have one problem. The cost of a smartphone, a plan, and the Internet service necessary to stay connected makes the possibility out of your reach. However, there are federally funded programs that could make it possible for you to enjoy free government smartphones in Kentucky.

You need to qualify for free government smartphones in Kentucky. The program availability is based on how much money you make on an annual basis. It also takes into consideration the size of your household. In addition to your free smartphone, you may be able to have free broadband through the Affordable Connectivity Program. While the free smartphone program only allows you to have one free cellular device per your household, free Internet access will be open to everyone in your home. These savings may make it possible to purchase a low cost phone for another member of your household. Use free government smartphones in Kentucky to connect with anything or anyone that is on an Internet network. It can help you to get the kind of job you have always wanted. You can do research, studies, and online courses. A free smartphone could be your key to a better life. Learn more about the opportunities that could be at your fingertips when you visit.