All About Hydro Excavation in San Diego

When you need to remove soil to repair potholes, relocate, and more, hydro excavation in San Diego is a great process for the job. It is a non-destructive process that uses high pressure water to disturb the soil and create a slurry. Then, it uses an industrial vacuum to remove the slurry and expose all of the layers underground, including any underground facility networks. There is a tank where the materials can be stored until they are disposed of safely. This is the best way to find underground utilities without worrying about any damages and injuries.

Benefits of Hydro Excavation

There are several benefits to hydro excavation in San Diego. First of all, the water comes through a handheld wand that has an oscillating tip. This helps prevent any damage to utilities that are underground. This method has greater precision in excavating, which reduces the cost of backfilling.

In addition, this method is less labor intensive. It is an efficient method, and storing the debris in a tank means that you don’t need dump trucks there making trips to get rid of it.

Finally, hydro excavation in Long Beach is safe and convenient. Water is not hazardous, and it is a gentle yet effective way to disturb the soil without damaging utilities. It is compliant with federal laws that require safe digging techniques.

Hydro Excavation Applications

There are different applications that Nor Cal Pipeline Services can do with hydro excavation in San Diego. They can do pole installation, debris removal, pipeline installation, piling hole excavation, daylighting, locate underground utilities, and more.


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