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Understanding The Process Involved in Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a process that is used in a variety of industries. Whether your industry works with automobiles, home appliances, electronics, construction tools, or home decor, you have probably used benefiting from metal fabrication services. While metal fabrication is a part of most of our daily lives, the process is not always understood.

What Is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication refers to the process of cutting and bending metal in order to form a product or structure. Custom steel fabrication involves cutting steel in order to form a project that meets a specific customer’s order. Whereas typical metal fabrication aims to achieve a standardized look, custom steel fabrication aims to provide a specialized product to please the customer.

How Is Metal Cut?

Metal can be a difficult type of material to cut, and specific tools must be used in order to achieve the process. While a saw can be used to cut a straight line, beams may be used to cut metal into a variety of sizes. Other items used to cut metal include lasers, punches, shears and notches.

How Are Shapes Formed in Metal Fabrication?

After cutting metal, the next step is forming. The two processes that are used to form shapes are rolling and press baking. The machinery used in the forming process uses significant pressure and force in order to produce the right range of thickness and variety of sizes.

What Are The Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication?

Using a company that provides custom metal fabrication results in a final product that stands out as unique and beautiful. A custom metal fabrication process combines cutting edge technology with traditional hand craftsmanship to greatly enhance the product that you will receive in the end.

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