Pet Care

Reliable Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services in New York City

Personalized Dog Walking Services

When searching for NYC dog walking, you should select providers that are suitable for your particular canine companion. A New York dog walker should be comfortable with various dog breeds for optimum handling and safety. Based on the temperament and personality of your dog, an individual walking session may be the best solution. If your dog is social and gets along well with other breeds, then you could sign up for group sessions from a dog walker in NYC. The proper leash should always be used to keep your pet at a safe distance away from moving vehicles on the streets. Likewise, dog walkers should shorten and tighten the leash when walking on crowded sidewalks with plenty of pedestrians. Depending on the age and health condition of your pet, multiple walking sessions per day may be necessary for proper exercise and relief of waste.

Pet Sitting Services

Your NYC dog walking agency can also provide various types of pet sitting services. For example, a New York dog walker may be available for overnight visits if you’re out of town for more than a day. During the visit, your pet will receive the appropriate food, water and any medication. The dog walking in NYC provider should also provide plenty of indoor exercise and other activities if the weather is too harsh for extended outdoor play. Additionally, your dog walker in NYC could provide detailed reports on the health and condition of your canine pet after each visitation.

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