Sourcing for Industrial Nylon Conveyor Rollers in Arlington Heights, IL

Businesses moving materials and products often rely on conveyor belts to make sure that parts are handled safely and quickly. Belts usually move things along without a hitch. But items can experience friction that can build up on the belts, so sometimes businesses add a certain type of low-friction roller to the belt. The rollers with the least friction are nylon conveyor rollers. They come in all sizes and colors, and businesses have many types of nylon to choose from.

Nylon rollers all reduce friction, but they still vary in how low the friction coefficient is. The difference lies in the chemistry of the nylon coating on the roller. By design, the rollers are made with metal tube cores and end pins that help them sit in the conveyor belt. The nylon wraps around the metal tube, coating it fully. The different types of nylon keep static electricity down and keep products moving inside a business so that they stay intact and clean. Businesses benefit from a conveyor belt supplier who carefully consults on what types of nylon will work best for their product mix.

Conveyor belts are used widely in many industries. Food handling and manufacturing, glass manufacturing, chemicals handling, and large-scale cleaning operations all use conveyor belts to manage materials.

Businesses have a huge array of conveyor choices to keep their operation smooth. Whether the business moves a few hundred pounds of delicate goods per day or hundreds of thousands of pounds of raw material per hour, nylon conveyor rollers make the job easier.

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