Basic Components That You Will Find in a Rapid City Fire Suppression System

by | Oct 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

When people think about fire suppression systems in Rapid City, they think about things like sprinklers and fire extinguishers. And it’s true that these are important components of fire suppression systems. However, the systems that are installed in commercial spaces are much more than just sprinklers and fire extinguishers.

An active fire protection system will include fire alarms and automatic fire sprinklers. Their purpose is to contain the fire. They do this by dispersing water or other compounds. At the same time, they are alerting the building’s occupants of the danger and contacting the fire department.

All these features of fire suppression systems in Rapid City work together in a way that is critical for the building’s safety. In most places, these fire suppression systems are required by local codes as they are a precautionary measure for any office or public spaces.

A passive system is designed to contain the fire. It is not going to take any action to stop the fire. Instead, it will use building compartmentalization. This includes fire resistant doors, coatings, and fire-resistant walls. Engineers will have to decide what fire protection features are required to comply with relevant codes and keep people safe. They want the fire suppression system to operate continuously even if there is a power outage. This allows firefighters to get to the scene and effectively provide help.

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