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Why Choosing a Coconino Surety Bond Over a Cash Bond Is a Better Choice

When it comes to getting bailed out of jail, you probably think that paying it all in cash is the best option, that way it is done and over with. However, there are definitely reasons why using surety bail bonds in Coconino County, AZ can be a better choice for you or your family.

Don’t Drain Your Funds

When you pay a cash bail bond, you are paying the full amount that the court requested out of your own pocket. While this might be convenient if you are very wealthy, most people are not and they end up draining their bank accounts or selling everything they own in an attempt to bail their loved ones out of jail. When you choose a surety bond, you are only paying a small percentage of the requested amount while the bondsman pays the remaining amount. The percentage you pay to the bondsman is considered a non-refundable fee and you must put collateral up as a safeguard in the event the court rules are not followed. Once the court proceedings are completed, however, the collateral is signed off back to you.

Get Out Quicker

When the bail amount that the court demands are very high, it could very difficult or even impossible for the arrested party to raise the funds. The only way they can get out is to use the surety bail bonds Coconino County, AZ solution. This gets them out of jail quickly and back to their day-to-day life.

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