What is The Ideal Fire Sprinkler Maintenance Schedule?

Curious about what tasks – and how often – you should be doing to keep your fire sprinkler system in good working order? Here is an ideal schedule to keep it working like a charm, regardless of age!

Every Three Months

Every quarter, you should conduct routine inspections and cleaning. If this is not a task you feel comfortable doing on your own, talk to a Reno, NV fire sprinkler maintenance team to help you get it done. Fire safety for your team and your property is worth investing in, after all!


Each year, check your system’s antifreeze solution. Inspect hangers, examine pipe fittings, and look at the seismic braces that secure these components. Make sure that your system does not need any parts replaced.

After Three Years

In three years, you will need to check up on the water release of a liquid fire sprinkler system. It is also important to examine the trip system that triggers your system’s response, to make sure that these will function in the event of an emergency.

After Five Years

In five years, you will need to perform more detailed fire sprinkler maintenance in Reno, NV. This should include a full, internal inspection of all pipes and valves within the system.

After Ten Years

Once you hit ten years of age, your valves and pipes will require inspection every five years. Additionally, you will need to randomly inspect a few of the sprinkler heads to ensure that they are functioning properly.

If your system is older than ten years, more extensive maintenance may become necessary. This is not to say that a sprinkler system becomes obsolete or requires replacement after this point; it simply becomes more important to focus on proper maintenance as your system ages.

All previous maintenance tasks should be performed regularly, as well as replacement or factory testing of all sprinkler heads. After this, the sprinkler heads should be retested at five-year intervals. If your sprinkler heads are over 100 years old – regardless of their condition or performance – then it’s time to replace them.

Your sprinkler system can last a lifetime and beyond with the right maintenance. business name Keeps things well maintained for great performance and ensures that your system will be there for you and your property in the event of an emergency.