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Tips For Creating a Functional and Unique Design For Your Richmond Kitchen

While there are both traditional and modern kitchen design models, you might want to create a more customized look. Handmade painted kitchens can be just as beautiful and efficient as any remodeled kitchen if you take the time to create a great design. As you use your creativity to build a look you’ll love, keep these tips in mind for better functionality.

Think About the Flow

You can indulge your creativity with a bespoke kitchen design in Richmond, but you should also consider practical issues. For example, consider the flow of people through your kitchen. Make sure you create walkways that are wide enough to accommodate multiple people. Also, think about the challenge of carrying food out to the dining area in determining your needs for a wider space.

Choose a Complimentary Color

Many homeowners fail to consider the effects of colors in designing handmade painted kitchens. In particular, you should know the color and shade of your new kitchen cabinets and countertops before choosing a color for the walls. In general, darker cabinets require a lighter wall color. Conversely, lightly shaded cabinetry will stand out more with darker walls.

Lighting is an Important Consideration

Your bespoke kitchen design in Richmond should take the need for lighting into account. You’ll want brighter, focused lighting over your stove and food prep areas. Recessed lighting can help set a softer atmosphere over a kitchen table or kitchen island. Using a few different types of lighting can help you use your kitchen as a family meeting place and quick dining area in addition to simplifying food prep and clean-up tasks.

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