Three Questions Before Buying a Mattress

229,961—that’s the number of hours an average person will sleep in their lifetime. That’s essentially one-third of their life. That’s a lot of time spent on sleep and for good reason. A good night’s sleep is vital to your health and ability to survive. If you’re shopping for a new mattress, make sure you pick one that will help you sleep much better instead of one that will keep you awake. Here are questions to help you shop better.

What’s Your Steeping Position?

Knowing your sleeping position will help you determine which mattress suits you best. If you sleep on your back, a softer mattress won’t provide ample support to your spine. Consider firmer mattresses instead. Some hybrid mattresses may also suffice. If you sleep on your stomach, a firm mattress is the most effective. If you frequently change position during the night, consider a medium-firm mattress. That may be a more comfortable choice.

What’s Your Body Type?

Your body type impacts the weight and pressure on your spine. If you want a more restful sleep, consider mattresses in Idaho Falls that fit your body type.

  • Are you over six feet tall? You’ll need a full mattress to accommodate your height. Letting your feet hang over the edge may be what’s keeping you awake at night.
  • Do you have a larger frame? It may be time to upgrade your mattress to a bigger size.
  • Do you have lower body weights? Consider medium-firm mattresses.
  • Do you have higher body weights? Hybrids with supportive coils can provide longer durability and support.

Do You Have Pain Issues?

If you often have neck or lower back pain, your mattress may not be firm enough to provide ample support. Lack of support means you can’t keep your spine in a neutral position at night, which leads to added strain on your body. Sleeping on a very firm mattress is one solution to alleviate the pain. If you’re looking for a reliable mattress store in Idaho Falls, visit the Profit Mattress to learn more about their mattress options.