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Sustainable Grey Water Recycling Systems in the Chicago, Illinois Area

Grey water recycling systems collect water used in showers, sinks, laundry, and commercial processes and prepares it for use in other areas that don’t need fresh drinking water. Reclaiming, filtering, and treating “gently used” water can help property owners reduce the impact of water consumption and incorporate more sustainable water use practices in their plumbing systems. In the long run, investing in and maintaining a good grey water recycling system can help save money for the property and save the local municipality the cost and resources that it takes to supply potable water and treat wastewater.

The water collected goes through a treatment process. The most robust systems remove solid contaminants, odors, chemicals, bacteria, pathogens, cloudiness, and color. The result is clear, clean water that, although still considered non-potable (not fit to drink), meets strict safety standards, and can be used to flush toilets provide irrigation, and in use for heating and cooling systems and fire suppression systems.

Water is an essential resource that must be managed well. These types of systems will become more common over time as owners and managers of large and small properties strategize to reduce consumption of potable water for uses that don’t require it, and reclaim, and reuse grey water. Certification from The International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials, the National Sanitation Foundation / American National Standards Institute helps to ensure that servicing and inspecting your water system is in line with the training and practices that these organizations prescribe to industry professionals.

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