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Steel Conveyor Rollers: How They Are Used to Increase Efficiency

Anyone who has been around a processing or manufacturing plant has likely seen a conveyor belt system. Although these systems seem fairly simple, there is actually some complex technology behind the scenes. The mechanics involved in this process have been used throughout history to increase the efficiency of a project. Learn how a steel conveyor roller system works, and how it maximizes productivity in industrial systems.

Traditional Uses

Most people don’t know that conveyor systems are not a modern invention. In fact, conveyor rollers have been used for centuries to perform tasks that exceeded human strength. Some historians have even postulated that ancient Egyptians likely used conveyor rollers to construct the pyramids. Thus, when examining the mechanics behind a conveyor roller system, it helps to appreciate the long history of the device.

Modern Day Conveyor Roller Systems

Obviously, the rollers of the past were made out of whatever materials were available. Today’s conveyor roller systems differ remarkably from those of the past. Nowadays, you are more likely to find steel conveyor roller systems that pack a lot more power.

Despite the changes in material, today’s rollers are set up in the same, traditional way. Several long bars are placed in a straight line to create a transportation path. The rollers themselves move in a circular fashion to allow a large item to move smoothly to its destination. In the old days, manpower was used to pull or push items along these roller systems. The main change to the modern system is that motors now power the rollers.

A Detailed Look at a Conveyor Roller

There is a well-designed mechanical structure behind modern conveyor rollers. Each of the bars in a system is connected to a sprocket wheel. From there, the sprocket wheels connect to a chain axel. Once activated, the bars all turn at the same rate to move the item along the surface. The system as a whole has a motor that keeps the motion going. In the end, conveyor rollers allow you to move products at a fast pace without requiring a lot of human input.

Conveyors Can Do a Lot for You

If you need to move heavy loads in a manufacturing environment, a conveyor roller system can help. It is not only more efficient than relying on human strength, but it is also a lot safer. You’ll recognize the benefits in terms of cost-efficiency and increased production.