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Professional Home Water Damage in Gainesville, FL

It is devastating to discover your home is in the path of a major hurricane. How will you get your family to safety? When do you evacuate? Do you have enough supplies and funds to get through this hard time? While you are worried about surviving a major storm, you may not be thinking about the water damage your home may endure. Many residents suffer from home water damage in Gainesville, FL, after a major storm. Professional water damage specialists can help address water damage before you and your family come home.

What Is Water Damage Repair?

Once you discover home water damage in Gainesville, FL, you will call a local company for water damage repair services. However, it is hard to tell if you are being offered quality services when you are unsure of what types of repair services are available. Common water damage services include:

  • Cleaning the area

  • Inspecting

  • Assessing

  • Applying heavy drying equipment

  • Removing broken and damaged materials

  • Fixing structural support areas

  • Removing and replacing drywall, insulation, flooring

Specialists will address, remove, and replace any damaged area of your home due to water damage.

How Long Will It Take to Fix Water Damage in My Home?

Water damage is different in every home. If your home suffered structural damage, it will take much longer to fix than something as simple as water stains or damage to a ceiling. If you are claiming water damage on your homeowner’s insurance policy, it may take one to three weeks for an adjuster to assess and approve replacement before the contractor can meet with you to begin work.

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