Nurse Call Systems in Medford, OR, and Why They Matter

As a patient, it is very important to have access to a medical professional at all times. This is why hospitals implement nurse call systems in Medford, OR. This is the paging platform that allows the patient to contact a nurse at the press of a button. It is important because they might be in pain or might have a question, so the nurse must always be aware of when they are being paged.

The Basics

Emergency communication systems are found in a variety of clinics and hospitals for good reason. Speed is an important factor in this process, and any system should give patients a way to get attentive care. This prevents further medical complications and keeps patients feeling comfortable and safe. Even if a doctor or nurse must step out of the room, individuals will still be cared for appropriately.


Some nurse call systems in Medford, OR, are integrated to be more inclusive. If a patient wants to voice a concern, having the ability to supply audio communication is a great feature. This is a basic integration that will actually allow the system to be even more useful for both the individual and the care provider.

With the way technology is continually advancing, there are many different types of systems and integrations to explore. Finding a great company to walk you through the setup and use of each platform is a recommended first step to take.

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