How Portable Video Surveillance Provides Security for Remote Locations

Keep your remote worksites safe and free of damage or theft by using portable video surveillance equipment. It’s an innovative approach to extreme and remote location video monitoring.

Manned and Unmanned Mobile Capabilities

Depending on the remote location and the importance of what needs to be guarded, you may want the option of having a mobile video surveillance set-up that includes a small guard shack. You can choose from both manned or unmanned units that will offer full capabilities to scrutinize who is entering or leaving your property. Not only can you sound alerts but having a security guard on the premises is often a strong deterrent for thieves or vandals.

Clear Video Footage for Up to One Mile

Imagine setting up a portable video unit that can extend cameras up to 36-feet in the air and give you clear footage from one-mile away. You can stay alert to any strange activity happening within a reasonable distance, which gives you valuable time to send out personnel to the site as needed.

Hybrid Fuel Options for Extreme Conditions

Most remote sites rarely have access to electricity without running generators. A generator is not always practical if you plan to be off-site for any length of time. You can get portable video surveillance units that have hybrid fuel options. Choose a unit that can operate using electricity, solar power, wind power, or fuel cells. Continuous security is now possible at your most remote locations. Real-time monitoring makes your entire site more secure and reduces the chances of asset loss.

Working and storing equipment at remote sites always carries a higher risk of equipment or materials theft or vandalism due to the lack of eyes to see what’s happening. Using a mobile video surveillance system is one way to get the security you need at any remote location.