Keeping up With Weight Test Requirements

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Manufacturers, no matter what product they are dealing with, have to be familiar with OSHA requirements. The United States Department of Labor oversees the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This group is responsible for ensuring that workplaces are safe. In order to keep operating, all businesses must follow the OSHA regulations.

Breaking OSHA regulations is no joke. OSHA can levy stiff penalties on employers who do not follow the safety rules that have been set in place. Although it is rare, OSHA can even recommend that a job site or manufacturer is shut down. A judge then has to rule if this is necessary.

When you are dealing with heavy equipment or tall racks of parts that have to be reached by a crane, you will become familiar with having to do a weight test Austin TX. In some cases, these are referred to as a load test. Basically, the equipment must be tested to ensure it can handle a certain amount of weight. If the equipment does not pass this inspection, it must be modified or replaced.

To avoid any grief from OSHA, it is important to perform weight tests on your equipment. Centex can perform a certified load or weight test in Austin TX on various pieces of equipment in your business. We keep up to date on all current OSHA and ANSI requirements.

One area that some businesses neglect is retesting their cranes. When a new crane is bought, it is immediately put through a weight test. However, if it is later altered in any way, it must be weight tested again.

To ensure that your place of business is following all of the necessary OSHA and ANSI requirements, have Centex Material Handling come out and perform various load tests for you. They are a certified tester right here in Austin so call today.

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