How to Choose a Modern Church in Your Jacksonville Community

When it comes to practicing your faith, it may be important that your church community changes with the times. Especially during this period of consistent change, you might have a greater interest in finding a contemporary church in Jacksonville, FL. While this will take a little research on your part, it’s not complicated and the search can be a rewarding experience in itself.

Start by Talking to Your Friends

Most people form social groups that are based on common social and spiritual interests. This means you may already have friends who belong to churches that embrace change and share your interests or concerns. The best way to start this type of discussion is by arranging a casual gathering with one or two friends. You may feel more comfortable discussing religion and worship with a smaller group of close friends.

Attend Public Events Arranged by Churches in Your Community

Once your friends recommend a few modern churches, you can begin getting involved with them. Most churches host public fundraising events, such as Bingo, carnivals, and charity dinners. Attending these events will help you familiarize yourself with the congregation within each church.

Talk to the Pastor

Once you have narrowed down your choices to two or three churches, schedule meetings with the pastor or priest at each contemporary church in Jacksonville, FL. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions about the church’s values and teachings. You can find out which church’s core beliefs align with your positions on social, spiritual, and cultural issues. The meetings will also help you determine which pastors inspire more of your trust and confidence.

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