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Four Great Services Your Precious Pup Can Enjoy at Doggie Day Care

If you plan to be out of town or work a lot outside the home, you can enroll your dog in doggie day care so that your precious pooch can receive proper care when you’re not there to provide it yourself. When you take your dog to a top dog day care facility on New York City’s Upper East Side, your canine companion may be treated to the following services.


Some centers offer dog grooming services to ensure that dogs are clean and looking their best. Your dog might be able to receive a bath along with hair and nail trimming. This pooch-pampering can save you from having to attempt the grooming work yourself.


Fitness is as important for dogs as it is for people, and your canine companion can participate in a variety of exercise activities designed to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular health. Exercises at dog day care on the UES can be both fun and engaging for all types of dogs so that they don’t get bored with the process. Workouts may include navigating obstacle courses or playing games of fetch.


At some canine day care centers, dogs are encouraged to socialize so that they can adapt better to being around other dogs as well as people. Trained care providers closely supervise these interactions to prevent any fights.

In-Home Visits

If you prefer your dog to remain at home, some day care providers offer in-home visits. During each visit, the caretaker can replenish your dog’s food and water, clean up any pet waste, and be a source of companionship for your dog until you return. These in-home visits can also include dog walks around the neighborhood.

The services offered by providers of premier dog day care on the UES can be good for both you and your dog. Choosing the best helpers will allow you to rest easier when it comes to your dog’s care.

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