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Dog Toy Box: Keep Your Four-Legged Furry Friend Eternally Entertained

If you are running to the store or shopping online for dog toys every other week, you are not alone. Even if you do not treat your dog as an only child in the household, you still recognize the importance of toys to her well-being and mental and social development. It helps with exercise and perhaps even with separation anxiety. A dog toy box that comes on a delivery schedule is a convenient means to supply your dog with a consistent supply of brand-new toys. Subscription services commonly provide you with monthly treats and themed-based toys of various materials.


An excellent way to engage you and your pet are for a dog toy box subscription to create different themes. Toys can vary each month centered around a variety of events.

  • Holidays – Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Fourth of July make great material on which to base toy ideas
    Your dog’s birthday
  • Monthly themes – Seasonal like summer barbecue or hotdogs, spring bunnies, fall pumpkins, or winter snowflakes
  • Custom themes – You customize a biweekly or quarterly box of toys, for example.
  • Careers – Veterinarian theme with stuffed animals and characters, sporting theme with various types of balls and perhaps bats and racquets, movie themes with durable dolls and props such as lightsabers or flying discs


When it comes to toy boxes for dogs, the materials you choose for the playthings are extremely important. The great thing about customized boxes is that you can pick the materials based on what you know about your pet. If your dog is an aggressive power chewer, you can avoid the plush toys that come standard with many toy box subscriptions. However, quite a few dogs like the comfort of snuggling with stuffed animals. Still, others like to chew and snuggle, requiring a combination of toys to fill multiple needs. Paramount on your mind will be the safety of your dog’s toys. Assess toys for the possibility that lead paint is present or that they pose choking hazards. You should also consider the following features:

  • Plastics – BPA free, strong food-grade polymers
  • Rubber – Durable with no sharp edges
  • Rip and tear – Soft toys that are resistant to tearing and ripping; better for medium chewers
  • Plush – Great for dogs that prefer comfort toys; some dogs will tear these toys apart and eat the stuffing
  • Balls – Make sure they are size-appropriate; a large dog can choke on a cat toy; a small dog will be overwhelmed by a large heavy ball it cannot get its mouth around


A final decision you will have to make about a toy box for your dog is whether you should get treats with it. For many subscriptions, toys and so many packages of treats are part of the deal. However, you want to use a company that will offer you the option to just choose toys. Your dog may have allergies or food intolerances to specific ingredients. Some pets are prone to get overweight or you may not want to feed your dog pork or cheese or any number of food items. Some companies may allow you to choose the types of treats as well as the toys.

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