Creating The Perfect Cheese Hamper

Cheese hampers are always an appreciated gift, whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or Christmas. You can easily create your perfect cheese hamper, full of delicious treats. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a theme. A theme will help you to decide on the different aspects, colours for example. A Christmas-themed hamper might include lots of festive reds and greens.
  2. Choose your container. A wicker basket is always a very popular choice; however, you could mix it up by using an alternative, a wooden box or a large bowl, for example.
  3. Choose your contents. Obviously, a perfect cheese hamper is going to include lots of different cheeses. You will also want to add the perfect accompaniments, crackers, relishes, olives, wine, and fruits. Chocolate and cheese also go very well together.
  4. Choose your filler material. Get creative and choose fillers that match your hamper theme. Packaging materials, such as shredded paper, tissue paper, or even straw, make great fillers that will keep your contents secure.
  5. Arrange your items. This is the fun part. Larger, heavier items, such as wine bottles, should be placed at the very back. Next, take smaller items and, fill any gaps, stack them around the larger items. Leave a space at the front for the most desirable items that the recipient will see first.
  6. Wrap your hamper. Use cellophane to wrap your hamper. A popular choice is a see-through cellophane so the cheese hamper contents are visible. You could mix it up by using coloured or patterned cellophane to match your theme.
  7. Decorate. Finish your hamper off by adding decorations. Tie a large ribbon or bow around it. Or add decorations that match your theme. A sprig of Holly and Ivy would look fabulous attached to a Christmas hamper. Don’t forget to attach a gift tag. You could make your own gift tag for that added personal touch.

When making the perfect cheese hamper, choose quality products. Horgans Delicatessen Supplies has a range of cheeses and other delicious delicatessen products available online. You can also order pre-made hampers.