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2 Benefits of Acquiring a Bear Butterfly Knife in Florida for Protection

In this highly unpredictable and dangerous world, you struggle to think of ways to protect yourself and your family from life-threatening situations. Martial arts can only go so far to protect your family when a criminal has a weapon and you don’t. A firearm is only effective if you have enough ammunition. So, what do you do? Have you stopped to think about acquiring a butterfly knife? Here are two benefits of acquiring a butterfly knife.


A butterfly knife is also known as a fan knife or a balisong knife. This particular type of knife is a foldable knife. One of the main benefits of having a butterfly knife is that it is safer to carry around. When this particular knife folds, it folds into the two handles, concealing the blade. This means that you will not accidentally injure yourself when retrieving it or putting it away.


When a life-threatening situation happens, you want to be able to quickly use your knife for protection. Another benefit of having a butterfly knife is that you will not lose precious time unsheathing a non-foldable knife. This means, on top of safety, a butterfly knife allows for quicker response time to danger with just a flick of your wrist.

High Quality

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