When Do You Need a Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Phoenix

A fire extinguisher is a valuable tool to keep on hand to put out small fires and keep fires from getting out of control before the fire department can arrive. However, because you don’t use your fire extinguisher regularly, it’s easy to forget about and neglect it. Knowing when you should get a fire extinguisher inspection in Phoenix is critical to keeping it in good working order.

Monthly Inspections

While you don’t need a professional fire extinguisher inspection in Phoenix every month, it’s best to designate an employee within your company to check your fire extinguishers once per month. It should always be the same person, so they can easily identify any changes to the condition of the fire extinguishers. If they notice anything is amiss, it’s time to call in the professionals to determine if a repair or replacement is necessary.

Yearly Inspections

One of the most essential fire extinguisher inspections in Phoenix is the professional annual inspection. During this inspection, the professional will check your system over carefully to identify any signs of damage. They can then complete any necessary repairs or let you know if it’s best to replace your extinguisher.

Other Inspections

In addition to the professional annual fire extinguisher inspection in Phoenix, your fire extinguisher will require inspections every five to 10 years. This inspection is more extensive than your annual inspection and will take a closer look at the inner workings of your fire extinguisher. At this time, they may recharge your fire extinguisher to ensure it works when you need it.

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