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Want to Know How to Hook up a Portable Generator to a House?

Having a generator when a big storm hits can be a life-saver. When the lights go out, you can never be sure when they will come back on again. With a generator, you can keep everything running while everyone struggles.

The question then becomes how to hook up a portable generator to a house. The good news is that it is actually quite simple, allowing you to have generator power while everyone else sits in the dark.

Power Transfer Systems

If you have a large portable generator, the perfect way to hook it up is with a power transfer system. In terms of safety, convenience, and power, this is far and away the best option to go with. They have everything that you could need for hooking up that generator.

Even better, power transfer systems will energize the circuit, not the appliance. That means anything on the circuit can be plugged in. It can even work for hard-wired systems such as furnaces, air conditioners, lights, and more. That is the best method for how to hook up a portable generator to a house.

Generator Cords

Not everyone is willing to shell out the money for a large generator, which means going with something more in the small- to mid-sized range. That will get the job done for a few hours so that you can bridge the gap until the power comes back on.

With a generator cord, you can simply plug the cord into your generator and run it to your household outlets for optimal convenience.
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