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Understanding the Types of Fall Protection Equipment in Ewing, NJ

Workers can be put in danger of falling in a wide range of situations, whether they are standing on the roof of a commercial or residential building, atop a tanker trailer, an oil gantry, or something completely different. For employers, it is vital to invest in the right types of fall protection equipment in Ewing, NJ to safeguard their workers. What equipment do you require, though? While the specific combination of equipment you utilize will vary based on needs and use scenarios, an understanding of the basic types will help inform your decisions.


Anchors form the baseline of any fall protection plan. These are devices that allow other pieces of fall protection equipment to lock in place, securing lanyards and lifelines. You’ll find a very wide selection of anchor systems on the market, ranging from concrete anchors to those designed for use with steel, roof-mounted systems, chokers and more.


The second most important type of fall protection equipment is the body support provided to individual workers. Generally, this is a full body harness, but you’ll find a number of different harness iterations out there that all offer slightly different functionality and protection for your employees. The type of harness used should be based on the work being performed, the support required for your employees, and other considerations.


Connectors are also important pieces of fall protection equipment in Ewing, NJ. These connect the harness worn by your workers to the anchor point. You’ll find a host of different lanyard systems, as well as self-retracting lifelines and other connector types. Note that this category also includes the pieces of equipment that help connectors attach to each point, such as carabiners and D-rings.

Descent and Rescue

Descent and rescue devices are vital components of your fall protection plan, but it’s hoped that you never need to use them. These are designed for use in the event that an emergency strikes and a worker or workers fall, possibly resulting in injury, and allow you to reach them quickly.

Fall protection equipment in Ewing, NJ is a vital investment. However, your unique needs and situation will determine the specific types of equipment that you purchase. Ideally, you will work with a trusted authority in the fall protection industry that can help you make an informed decision on the equipment you need, ensuring the safest possible environment for your employees. To know more about visit the website of BC Industrial Supply Inc.