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Three Reasons to Choose Fresh Seafood Market Fish in Charleston, SC

Are you trying to eat more seafood? Incorporating fish into your diet has many benefits for your cardiovascular health, but the kind you find at your local supermarket may not be the healthiest or tastiest. If you’re looking for a better alternative, consider these three reasons to choose fresh fish from a seafood market in Charleston, SC.

Enjoy Fresher Taste

Supermarket seafood is often frozen and thawed before being displayed in a counter, but the fish at seafood markets is fresh off the boat. Although fish keeps its freshness as long as it stays frozen, it’s hard to tell how long that defrosted seafood has been on display.

Get Knowledgeable Advice

When you visit a seafood market in Charleston, SC, you can benefit from the knowledge of the fishmonger, while grocery store employees often know very little about the fish they’re selling.

Wild-caught is More Sustainable

Much of the fish sold in supermarkets comes from farms, which keep fish in crowded conditions and can damage ecosystems by harboring diseases and introducing non-native species to the surrounding rivers, lakes and streams.

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