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Three Big Differences Between a Commercial Roof and a Residential Roof

Most people are familiar with the process of getting a new roof on their house. There are a lot of differences between getting a new roof on your house and installing a new roof on your building. Consider these three big differences between installing a residential roof and commercial roofing in Ponte Vedra.

Installation Time

Installing a roof on a house usually takes one or two days. Even a large house with a steep roof or special features such as turrets can be completed in two days. A typical project for commercial roofing in Ponte Vedra takes about four to six days. This is because commercial roofs are much larger than residential roofs. It is also because of the drainage systems and other rooftop features, including rooftop air conditioners.

Complexity of the Installation

Commercial roofs are more complicated to install. They may require that rubber or tar be allowed to cure before another layer or another material is placed on top of it. Some rolled or adhesive materials require that the glue be allowed to harden. Commercial roofs may also require more flashing around rooftop access doors, HVAC units, drains and other features.

Roofing Material Options

There are more roofing material options for a commercial roof compared to a residential roof. This means that you have to spend more time researching the best option for the size, style and needs of your building. Some of the commercial roofing material options that are not available for use on residential roofs include sprayed polyurethane foam, built up tar and gravel, modified bitumen, concrete and asphalt. A green roof may be an option, and these are built on other materials. Coatings of TPO, PVC or EPDM are also options for commercial roofs.