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Ingredients That Every U.S. High-Quality Baby Formula Should Have

If you think that generic or store brands are of a lesser quality than the expensive and ultra-marketed name brands, then you might want to think again about that assumption. In fact, they include the same necessary baby formula ingredients that the major brands are made from.


This Omega-3 fatty acid is crucial for the development of the baby’s brain as well as the central nervous system. Numerous studies have also concluded that this essential fatty acid helps in the growth of the eyes and the immune system. If a baby formula does not contain DHA, you should opt for another brand.


This ingredient is what is known as a free carbohydrate and is another component that makes up a healthy developing brain. This is actually an ingredient that is not in every baby formula so it is very important that you read the label before purchasing.

Vitamin D

Just as adults do, babies need a daily intake of vitamin D to remain healthy. By ingesting a formula that contains an adequate amount of this vitamin, the baby is able to absorb calcium as well as phosphorus in a much better fashion than if it is not included in their diet. This assures that the baby has strong bones.


These are necessary baby formula ingredients because they aid in proper digestion. All of the quality ingredients in the world do not matter a whit if they cannot be properly digested.

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