Have Some Fun Customizing a Gift Basket With Alternative Containers

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Food

Recipients of custom gift baskets are often surprised when the basket isn’t a basket. Many gift basket givers use ceramic creations or cunningly made boxes of different colors and shapes. The recipient digs through the tissue paper to find bags of nuts, candy, coffee, tea and chocolates. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive customized gift baskets in Macon, GA, stuffed with other goodies?

The Wooden Crate Gift Basket

Customized gift boxes are available, and gift givers can take the contents and dress them up in wooden crates. This is the kind of thing recipients expect to find cheeses, ham, bacon, sausages, biscuit mixes and perhaps a bottle of chipotle sauce. Original cheese straws and chocolate chip pecan cookies would complete the basket.

The Berry Basket Gift Basket

Berry baskets are good for holding more than just strawberries and blackberries. Tuck in a jar of blackberry cobbler, apple cobbler, cherry cobbler, apple butter, peach cobbler, peach preserves and strawberry jam. The recipient will be
berry pleased with this custom gift basket.

The Galvanized Tub Gift Basket

Custom gift basket recipients appreciate a variety of delicious goodies. A custom gift basket could contain a collection of meats such as ham, black Angus Delmonico ribeye or black Angus Delmonico filet mignon, barbeque, Brunswick stew and an assortment of beef and pork jerky. It wouldn’t be complete, though, without peach salsa or Vidalia onion summer tomato salsa.

The Cloth Bag Gift Basket

Almost everyone has or has had a relative or friend who puts up jams and jellies, pickles and relishes. Wouldn’t it be fun to gift them with custom gift baskets from Macon, GA? They might enjoy a bit of difference such as green tomato and squash pickles, chow and corn relish, pickled asparagus, carrots, and okra, along with Vidalia onion sweet relish, apple jelly, blackberry jam, peach butter, peach cobbler jam and strawberry syrup.

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