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Charleston Seafood Boils Are Enough to Make Your Mouth Water

Crawdads, lobster, crab, shrimp, and more shellfish all go into the traditional Southern seafood boil. When that boiled pot of fish and veggie goodness is dumped out, it’s a feast with bragging rights as big as the contents of the pot. In Charleston, you can head on down to the Charleston Seafood Market to buy all the freshest seafood ingredients to do your own boil, or you can get seafood catering from Charleston SC catering companies.

Doing Your Own Boil Takes a Lot of Money and Work

There’s nothing like selecting exactly the best seafoods you want and nothing extra to go into your boil. Adding corn on the cob and a blend of your favorite seafood seasonings to personalize your seafood boil is great too. There’s just one catch.

You have to sit and stir and stew over that boil for several hours to get everything in the pot just right. It’s rarely cheap, even when you go to the Charleston Seafood Market. Despite being something you’d love to eat several times a week, it may not be how you want to cook as often.

Seafood Catering in Charleston SC

Not surprisingly, there are businesses in Charleston, SC, that make it their primary focus to cater to the crowds that are craving a great seafood boil. If you want great seafood but you don’t want to have to be the one slaving over a boiling pot, you can hire a caterer to do it for you. To hire a great caterer, contact Mt. Pleasant Seafood via http://mtpleasantseafood.com.