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Air Quality

Air Filtration Solutions For Industrial and Commercial Settings

Industrial and commercial spaces are prone to the development of mold and mildew because of excessive accumulation of moisture. Fortunately, you could prevent and treat such air quality problems with industrial-grade filtration units that have a high capacity. Fiberbed mist collectors are engineered to regulate humidity inside large facilities, such as factories, warehouses and retail stores. Such innovative installations collect moisture, airborne contaminants and aerosols at a continuous rate for optimum air quality inside enclosed areas. Using a carefully engineered process, the fiberbed mist collectors remove some of the most common and hazardous toxins floating in the air. Such air filter systems quickly eliminate haze and other industrial air pollution. Therefore, your workplace will have better air quality and overall visibility on a daily basis. The latest FMC units are designed to intercept airborne pollution from a wide range of chemical and industrial processes.

Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers

When searching for the ideal air filter systems for your commercial or industrial space, you should consider regenerative thermal oxidizers. The most advanced RTOs are engineered to remove volatile organic compounds and other toxic aerosols that are typically produced at factories. RTOs essentially convert pollutants into carbon dioxide, which is a relatively harmless compound in terms of overall air quality. The most sophisticated RTOs can operate at a maximum temperature of approximately 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

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