A Variety of Quality Services From a Fixed Base Operator Near Gilbert, AZ

A Top-notch fixed base operator near Gilbert, AZ can offer a variety of services as an independent party at an established airport. Many services offered by a fixed-base operator are subject to approval from the National Aviation Authority. Other services may be regulated by a Civil Aviation Authority. Many services offered by a fixed-based operator include the handling of fuel or crop spraying. Some operators offer only certain types of fuel or manage a self-service station. Airports located away from busy cities may offer basic services offered by the local community doing business as a fixed-base operator.

Large airports often have several different businesses providing services or goods as fixed-base operators. These businesses may offer parking for cars, aircraft parking in a hangar, aircraft repairs, aircraft parts, and aircraft sales. They sometimes offer air taxi or charter services, car rentals, pilot training, lounge space, aircraft catering, and aerial photography. FBOs also frequently handle baggage and customs paperwork for pilots and passengers. Other services can include oxygen, overnight aircraft tie-down, conference room rental, rooms for pilots to sleep in, and more.

The primary source of profit for many fixed-base operators is fuel sales. Most airports with at least one fixed-base operator offer jet fuel. Customers can typically get avgas for use in piston-engine aircraft as well.

Most fixed-base operators need a license from the local airport or government. FBOs are often operated by the airport authority. Many FBOs are smaller chains, franchises, or independent businesses. Many jet terminals operate as individual FBOs.